If you want to eat out, in Giethoorn you can definitely enjoy yourself. If you visit the village for a day or several days, you can choose from a wide range of eateries and restaurants. There are several nice and good restaurants and eateries in Giethoorn.

What do you want to eat?

What do you want? How big is your appetite and at what time of day do you want to eat in Giethoorn? Will it be a french fries, an extensive dinner, a light lunch, a high tea, a pancake or a pizza? If you want to grab a bite in Giethoorn you can some good food for a small budget …

Have a nice lunch in Giethoorn

If you’ve walked or sailed a lot, I’m sure you’ve been hungry. Good time to have a bite to eat in Giethoorn. Settle down and have a light on a terrace or inside one of the cosy eateries in the village.

A brasserie or eatery is a good place for lunch. The eateries in Giethoorn are all located in the village and most have a terrace right on the water. It doesn’t get any better … We’d like to give you a few tips ––, check out the map here.

Quick bite or something in between

Don’t you have time or desire to eat extensively in Giethoorn? Or do you want to eat a little quick in between or cheap food in Giethoorn? Then of course you can always get a french fries, fish or a croquette sandwich from a snack bar or fish shop. It’s easy! And so you can spend more time in the village and on the water. For a french fries with or without and good fish, you can go to:

Pannenkoeken in Giethoorn

A pancake restaurant is almost always a big hit when you’re with kids! There are a number of pancake restaurants in Giethoorn. How about Is there a family member or someone from the group of friends who doesn’t like pancakes? No problem! The main part is pancakes, but there are other things on the menu as well. Pancakes can be eaten at Restaurant ‘t Zwaantje and at Restaurant De Witte Hoeve.

Eating pizza or pasta

Do you love Italian cuisine? Check! You will find three Italian restaurants in Giethoorn. The locations are quite different, but the food is top everywhere. In which restaurant are you going to eat? Will it be Fratelli restaurant or Canal Grande.

High tea

If you want to have lunch in Giethoorn you can also opt for a high tea. It remains a delightful concept. Taste all kinds of tasty things in a mix of sweet and savory. Typical English, but very popular in the Netherlands and so you can also get to the high tea in Giethoorn.

Chinese in Giethoorn

I’m sure you haven’t noticed that Giethoorn is very popular with Chinese people. And we Dutch love Chinese food again. That’s a good match! In Giethoorn you can also eat delicious Chinese food. Of course you can choose from familiar dishes. But a day out might also be a nice opportunity to try something new!

Hungry for steak or Greek?

For a steak you can swerve to a steakhouse, such a restaurant is in Wanneperveen (6 km), Meppel or Steenwijk. And if you want to go to the Greek for example, you can also go to a restaurant in Meppel (9.5 km) or a restaurant in Steenwijk (8 km).

Eating Dutch in your own livingroom?

When you are going to visit Giethoorn most of the time you already know this in advance. How cool will it be that you are going to taste a local cake? On this page you can find a recipe for a dairy and gluten free Banana Cake. which we know that you are going to love it. And when the time is that you are visiting our village you can taste it for yourself.

If you are coming for a daytour from Amsterdam and you are vegan it is good to know that Amsterdam has a lot of vegan restaurants who serve delicious food. Have a look for yourself.

When you going out of dinner with your kids it can be sometimes hard. If you need tips how to survive the dinner you find here 5 terrific tips for eating out with kids 😉

Boating and eating?

Food in combination with a cruise, is that possible? Of course that’s possible!

We have put together an arrangement where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Gieterse canals and lakes while enjoying good food.

As an arrangement, it looks like this:

By 18:15 you are expected at the hotel where you can park for free.

By 19:00 you will board you will enjoy a pleasant cruise where you will discover all of Giethoorn. In the meantime, enjoy the delicious dishes.

By 20:15 the cruise will end and the package will be over. You can then choose to enter Giethoorn and have a drink at one of the many restaurants and terraces that Giethoorn is rich in.

More information about this package can be found here.

Excitement and food?

Want a little more excitement while eating? We have put together two packages for you where these ingredients are definitely applicable.

vr murder game dinner in Giethoorn

VR Murder Game Dinner

After a nice reception in our Eatery, the atmosphere quickly turns when it turns out that a crime has taken place!
Who has this heinous murder on his conscience and how did this happen?

You need to work together to solve the murder. Where was the murder committed, what’s the motive and the murder weapon?
Armed with VR glasses and props, you’ll take on the challenge. Solve difficult puzzles and unravel the mystery surrounding this murder!

The VR Murder Game Dinner can be booked here.

VR Bombsquad Dinner

Looking for a challenging getaway for your group of friends, family outing or bachelor party? Sign up with your team (at least 4 people) and get to know “the Bombsquad”. Can you defuse several bombs within the set time?

In teams of 4-8 people you get to know the world of the explosive ordnance disposal service. In alternates, one of the team players takes a seat in the virtual space and has to communicate well with his team members to defuse the bomb in time.

The session consists of 3 rounds that are interspersed with an appetizer, main course and the dessert of the 3 course menu.

The VR Bombsquad Dinner can be booked here.

Booking is always smart!

If you want to be sure of a nice place to eat in Giethoorn, then it is best to reserve a table.

The same goes for renting a boat in Giethoorn. If you’re probably booking a boat,at least you’ll be sure your boat trip will go ahead in Giethoorn!

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