We are all familiar with the luxury lives of the rich on earth with associated benefits. NNot to stand in line, sit on the exclusive VIP deck in the club or in the skybox of their favorite football club with of course the best view and a private waiter at their disposal. All the ingredients to experience a great day or evening, for example. It is quite understandable that people are also looking for such a VIP treatment in Giethoorn. Here in Giethoorn the possibilities are there to obtain a fully catered day.

Giethoorn offers this extra special day in many different ways. But the goal is almost always the same: enjoy your day in Giethoorn without any worries. Everything is arranged and adjusted to how you and your fellow VIPs want it. For example, you have luxury boat tours, here you will discover Giethoorn in a luxurious way with a private skipper.

Live this unique experience

The VIP Packages all offer something unique. You will see places that you normally will not discover so quickly. In addition, you will receive first-hand information and there is more than enough time to answer any questions you may have. Once on board, you will be offered delicious snacks and drinks. So the relaxation will be at its best, together with friends or family enjoy the beautiful places of Giethoorn.

You can also choose the full VIP service. Then you can already be picked up by taxi and brought to Giethoorn, but you can also arrange transport yourself of course. Then have a delicious lunch at 1 of the restaurants in Giethoorn. Then take one of the luxury tours through Giethoorn and dine deliciously on your return. After this you can choose to spend the night in Giethoorn or take a taxi back to your own palace. So you had a great day in Giethoorn without any stress, only relaxation.

This all sounds very exclusive and only for the rich visitors of Giethoorn. You certainly do not have to, for example, go with a group of friends and split the bill. Because experiencing such a particularly chic day is a must. Experience what it’s like to live as a VIP.

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Private Sunset Cruise

2.5 hours
1 to 4 persons.

VIP Package € 695,-

more information

Exclusive Private Cruise

4 hours
1 to 4 persons.

VIP Package € 995,-

more information

VIP Sloop with skipper

2 to 4 hours
1 to 6 persons.

from € 250,-

more information