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Packages overview in Giethoorn

Arrangements overview Giethoorn | Here you will find all the packages you can find in[LEES MEER]

A day with children

A day at Giethoorn with children! I love a family outing. We'll give you some[LEES MEER]

Water skiing in Giethoorn

Water skiing in Giethoorn is a really crazy experience, you are literally in contact with[LEES MEER]

Lots to do in Giethoorn

A lot to do in Giethoorn, I'm sure you already knew that. Find out what[LEES MEER]

Cycling in Giethoorn, these are the options

Cycling in Giethoorn | The most beautiful cycling routes in and around Giethoorn | Each[LEES MEER]

Renting a whisper boat in Giethoorn

Rent a whisper boat and experience Giethoorn from the water; cruise through the canals under[LEES MEER]

Museums in Giethoorn

In Giethoorn Netherlands you can find various museums that are all highly recommended to visit.[LEES MEER]

Stag day in Giethoorn

Is your best friend going to get married soon and do you have the honor[LEES MEER]

7 things to do in winter in Giethoorn

We don't have very often 'wintry winters' in the Netherlands. But we'd like to let[LEES MEER]

Boat rental Giethoorn

Boat rental Giethoorn | Sailing through the village canal is very good option with a[LEES MEER]

Experience Giethoorn this summer

Experience Giethoorn! Do you already have – new – holiday plans? Giethoorn is a perfect[LEES MEER]