There are plenty of activities what you can do in Giethoorn and surroundings, below an overview of various activities in Giethoorn. But when you come to the water village, the first must-do is of course: boating. Depends a little on what season you’re coming in. But from the water you experience the village in optima forma. Of course, you need a little bit of luck in terms of the weather. If the weather is nice all week, you can enjoy yourself on the water for several days. Are you canoeing or do you take a sloop? Check which boats you can rent Giethoorn.

Tips for a nice package in Giethoorn

If you have sailed or the weather just doesn’t cooperate during your day or holiday in Giethoorn, don’t worry! There are a lot of super fun packages, whether or not in combination with boating.

Make it easy for yourself and opt for a Giethoorn arrangement, in which are different activities in Giethoorn combined for you. Some with food and drink, others with boating and some with both plus possibly an additional activity. A workshop, archery, VR gaming, scavenger hunt and so on.

There is already a Giethoorn package for 2 people, but also for 25 people or more a suitable package can be booked. It can be very extensive or luxurious, but also simple. You have a choice of about sixty variations of an arrangement in Giethoorn. And if not exactly the right arrangement is in between what you would like to do, then we can also put together a tailor-made package especially for you. Below is a list of some nice arrangements…

Family package: cruise and activities

This complete package in Giethoorn has everything in it. You first take a beautiful boat cruise through Giethoorn. Then you’ll go archery and finish with a pan festival. Check out all the details of this package.

boogschieten in giethoorn

Culinary Giethoorn

During an extensive 2-hour cruise with the best skippers of Giethoorn, stop in the centre at Edel and ornamental stone museum “De Oude Aarde”. After this beautiful cruise, culinary enjoyment begins with a 4 course culinary menu. And even during the day you will be spoiled with culinary delights. Read all the information about this package here.

Bootdropping and barbecuing

First you will be received with coffee and apple cakes. Then exciting, active and competitive! You will be dropped with your group at the punters, then it is up to you to find your way through the village. After all the effort you can relax enjoying a delicious barbecue. Read all the details of this arrangement.

archery in Giethoorn


High tea in Giethoorn

A high tea is immensely popular. No wonder, because it’s the perfect tasting of savoury and sweetness of English delicacies – and sometimes candy-lined ones with its own twist. A High Tea is not missing from our list. This is highly recommended to do with a girlfriend club!

If you are not so fond of tea drinking, you can also opt for High Wine or High Beer

GPS Treasure Hunt in Giethoorn

After a reception with coffee with apple cakes, step into your boat with GPS device to look for treasures. In different locations, these treasures are hidden, which you can find with a AppGame. First come first served. Afterwards, of course, just sit down with a snack and drink. Read all the information about this Giethoorn arrangement here.

All-inclusive arrangement

Don’t come for any surprises today. Everything is included in this package. All the activities you have to do in Giethoorn, such as a cruise, punting and a village visit but also the snacks and drinks during this day have already been taken into action. Read the details of this package here.

Mediterranean Giethoorn

This package makes you shine like a sun and when the sun is really shining you feel like you’re in spain with delicious churros, a Mediterranean picnic and an extensive tapas buffet. In between, of course, there will also be a punt or whisper boat and you can stroll around in the beautiful Giethoorn. Read the details of this package here.

solex riding in Giethoorn

Explore the area of Giethoorn by Solex

A classic among the mopeds: the Solex. Discover this fine moped (again) and set out to explore the surroundings of Giethoorn. Super fun for young and old! There are several routes possible. Is this for you? Read the details of this package here.

Giethoorn by whisper boat with pancakes

This package is a good start to your visit to Giethoorn. You start with unlimited coffee or tea with cake and then make puzzle trip by whisper boat. Upon returning, a gentleman’s pancake awaits you, after which you can explore the village on foot. Read the details of this package here.

As I said, this is just a couple of activities what we can offer. If you are looking for something different, check out the complete range of packages! There is load of things to enjoy in Giethoorn.

Want to know how to get into Giethoorn? Read this article.

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