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Sailing through the village canal is very good option with a whisper boat. Wonderfully quiet and at a safe pace you can then admire the beautiful thatched farms and cottages that lines at the waterfront. There are several beautiful sailing routes that you can sail with the whisper boat. You can be sure to see the most beautiful hotspots. Or maybe you’d rather look up the vastness of the lakes; Here there are miles of freedom outstretched in front of you.

Do you want to know how best to get into Giethoorn? Read this article.

Hire a whisper boat

Whisper boats are called that because they are very quiet. That used to be very different, but the days of simmering and steaming petrol and diesel engines are fortunately already far behind us. The current whisper boats sail with an electric motor. These engines are wonderfully quiet and sail at a speed that is also safe for inexperienced skippers. Book your whisper boat here.

Rent a boat or a punter boat in Giethoorn

If you are smart, book a boat online at the boat rental in Giethoorn. In this booking system we have 25 boat companies where you can choose from. Then you are assured of a boat and you can choose the boat that suits you and your company. There are two types of whisper boats for rent in Giethoorn: a punt and a sloop.

The punter is a slightly narrower, smaller boat. You control the whisperboat on the engine behind the boat. The punter is the wooden vessel that was originally sailed in Giethoorn. A more generous model is the boat. This one is a bit higher on the water, you control yourself with a handlebar and offers comfortable space for some more people. The current boats are mostly made of steel or polyester, although you can also rent wooden punters.

On this page you can directly book a boat or punt!

whisper boat hire in cast horn boat rental Giethoorn

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