We don’t have very often ‘wintry winters’ in the Netherlands. But we’d like to let you taste the winter atmosphere in Giethoorn, if it does freeze and snow. Skating on the ice in Giethoorn is really fantastic. But at the same time we can also assure you that the village is worth a visit in winter even without ice and snow. The autumn days are short, but that also shows a nice and cosy atmosphere. The bridges are attractively illuminated, this also produces beautiful pictures.

Plenty to do in Giethoorn

Giethoorn in winter is of course very different from Giethoorn in the summer. But did you know there’s plenty to do in the winter months. An additional advantage is that in the village it is often a lot quieter than during the summer months. To get you started, we’ve made a list of things to do in Giethoorn in the winter months. I’m sure there’s a good tip for you!

Walking through the village

In the centre of Giethoorn you can also take a nice walk outside the summer. And especially when it has snowed, the village is almost fairytale. Then your day starts really well! You can walk several routes in Giethoorn and its surroundings.

Skating on the canals and lakes

If the temperature drops to a distance of freezing for a few days, we will of course check if it is possible to skate in Giethoorn. The Elfstedentocht doesn’t touch our village, but skating, we love that! Skating on the canals and lakes of Giethoorn is a thing that you must have done once in your life. It’s really fantastic.

After a big skating trip in Giethoorn, a warm chocolate with whipped cream or a mulled wine is twice as tasty. Just lighting up and warming up at one of the many cafes and restaurants in the village can also be done if you don’t like skating of course.

ice skating in Giethoorn

Sailing in Giethoorn

Okay, we don’t recommend renting a boat in the winter months. In winter, the weather is not ideal for sailing. Especially when the temperature is around freezing. Most boat rental companies in Giethoorn aren’t renting out boat in winter.

In the canals it will be not so bad, but on the lakes the Bovenwijde or the Beulakerwijde the feeling temperature quickly goes down. A cold bad memory of our beautiful village, we do not grant our visitors, of course. For the real beeter, it’s wrong
there is no problem and of course there is always a boat available. Buttt there is a good alternative!

Heated canal cruise in Giethoorn

Our tip is to take a trip with a canal cruise boat. You’re covered, out of the wind and on board the tour boat make sure it’s comfortable. Also, most rental companies offer a blanket to keep you warm. A great alternative! A canal cruise takes about 1 hour. During the cruise, the tour skipper tells facts and fun anecdotes about Giethoorn.

In winter sailing in Giethoorn can therefore be done with a tour boat, unless there is ice of course!

High tea in Giethoorn

How fun and pleasure combines, what do you think? We immediately say: a high tea in Giethoorn! Scones, savoury sandwiches, chocolate and muffins are just a selection of the delicious ness you are presented with. Let yourself be pampered and enjoy the high tea and the company of your friends, family or teammates. Perfect to do in Giethoorn.

high tea in Giethoorn

Cycling in Giethoorn

With good weather and moderate wind you can cycle in Giethoorn and surroundings. There are plenty of beautiful cycling routes, long and short, all of which are worth it. Giethoorn is surrounded by several beautiful nature reserves, such as the Weerribben-Wieden National Park. There are also beautiful forests within cycling distance of Giethoorn. Several beautiful cycling routes in Giethoorn and surroundings can be mapped out here.

Visit a museum

In Giethoorn and surroundings you will find numerous attractions and museums. The museums are suitable for any age and most are also accessible when you are less well on your feet. When the sun is shining and it’s nice and warm outside, of course you don’t want to be inside. Therefore, a visit to a museumis especially ideal if you spend a winter day in Giethoorn.

Escape room

Do you like puzzling and solving riddles? Then an escaperoom is playing the activity if you visit with your friends or family Giethoorn in winter! How about Hacked, the butcher of Oldemarkt or Prison Break Paasloo. Each of the rooms has their own storyline and difficulty. Escaperoom Hacked can also be played in the English language. We have listed the best escape rooms in Giethoorn and surroundings for you.

Activities Giethoorn all year round

Various (one-off and annual) activities are organised in Giethoorn throughout the year. The offer is very varied: for example, the annual gondola canal, a games tour, music festivals, summer market, art route, a New Year’s drink or a walking tour. Check all activities in Giethoorn.

Something else: Dutch Traditions

Did you know that dutch people have a couple of traditions. Just like a lot of other people we celebrite Christmas and eastern. But we also have kingsday, Sint Maarten and Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas is celebrited every year on the 5th of December. This day is something special for the young kids till around the age of 7 and they get presents from Sinterklaas.


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