Giethoorn and fern are often mentioned in the same breath. That makes quite sense for a village that is located in such a watery environment … Have you sailed in Giethoorn and can it be more adventurous and active? Then we have a nice tip for you: water skiing or wakeboarding. It can be near Giethoorn. A few kilometres away in Wanneperveen is a water ski course in the (western) Belterwijde. Water skiing in Giethoorn is a really crazy experience, you are literally in contact with the water. And it can be incredibly spectacular, also to watch.

water skiing in giethoorn

Water skiing for pros and beginners

At “Waterski Vereniging De Stille Belter” you can enjoy water skiing if you have experience. But you can also book a group lesson or a lesson for yourself. Anyone from 4 years old with a swimming diploma is welcome. In the lesson you will learn from qualified instructors the intricacies. Water skiing is not difficult to learn. Once you get the technique, you stand up right. Book in advance!

Swimming in the Belterwijde

As mentioned, water skiing is also fun to watch. If you see accomplished water skiers or wake-boarders busy, it can be spectacular. Even if you are not behind the boat, you can enjoy it. On the left – at a safe distance from the water ski course – is also a recreational field. That’s where you step into the water and you really enjoy swimming. Also ideal for young children. The swimming area has a well marked area with shallower water. This beautiful swimming and recreation location is located on the Blauwehandsweg between Wanneperveen and Belt Schutsloot and can be reached by boat, but also by car.

Fast boating on “Het Zwartewater”

Do you have your own boat and water skis? Even then, you can get out of your feet. Fast boating near Giethoorn can be a little further away at Zwartsluis. There you can sail on a part of het Zwartewater faster than twenty kilometers per hour. So here you can go with your own boat and water skis. Please note that there is a lot of checks in and around the Gieterse lakes or you do not sail too fast. So stick to the rules!

Also active on the water: kite-surfing or canoeing

Do you want to be active on the water and are you not afraid of a wet suit? Then you can definitely go water skiing. Also a nice option, and certainly so active and sporty is kite surfing. Read more about possibilities to surf in Giethoorn here. Another opportunity to be active on the water and the perfect way to explore nature is to rent a canoe. With a canoe you lie close to the water and you also get to places where boats do not come. Around Giethoorn you will find several beautiful canoe routes what you can explore.

Would you rather explore the waters by boat? No problem. Click here for an overview!

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