Escape room in Giethoorn – In an escape room you can literally be locked up, the door will be locked and you (together with others) must escape from the room as quickly as possible. Of course, once inside you can use cryptic clues, which help you step by step towards the final key to open the door from the inside.

We have listed the best, scariest and most difficult escape rooms in Giethoorn and surroundings. Good luck choosing, if you dare!

Escaperoom Hacked!

A group of hackers has targeted personal data of innocent civilians. Investigate with your team and uncover the secrets behind this crime. Do you know how to stop the hackers in time before it’s too late? This immersive game can be played from 3 to 8 people and is available in the Dutch and English language! This escape room is ideal for a friends outing, staff outing, family outing, group outing or a bachelor outing and can be perfectly combined with boating.

escaperoom hacked into Giethoorn


Escape room location: Giethoorn

Escape room language: Dutch or English

Number of persons: 3 to 8 persons

Ideal to combine with a day (partial) sailing in Giethoorn


The Story

A group of hackers is currently engaged in the largest identity fraud ever. They target the personal data of innocent civilians and have various secret locations, spread all over the world. They use the data they capture to gain access to everything, but then they don’t really pay anything. In this way, the bills pile up rapidly…

Due to the growing number of tourists, the hackers have recently targeted Giethoorn. They book holiday homes, dinners and boat trips, but all in someone else’s name. As a result, people are wrongly called to account about hit jobs.

Evidence has been found that there is a secret hacker location at the Eetcafe and Holiday Park Giethoorn, but the exact location is currently still to be found. Your help is needed for this! The park manager searches for people who have fallen victim to the fraud or who want to prevent it. Any help with the investigation is very welcome.


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