6 Enchanting Things to Do In Giethoorn (Besides the Boat Rides!)

Aside from riding a boat and exploring the Venice of the North in the Netherlands, I have listed some of the most enchanting things you can do in this beautiful village that will allow you to make the most out of your trip.

1. Take Photos of the Thatched-Roof Farmhouses

It’s not every day you’ll see thatched-roof houses. In Giethoorn, these houses are even more magical as they sit on patches of greens that float above water connected by bridges—indeed, it’s like a village out of a storybook. 

As you make your way through the village, you can’t help it but admire the beautiful houses here. In fact, seeing these homes are enough to make you appreciate the beauty of this Dutch village. 

However, be wary of the crowds, especially during the peak months, because it can be difficult to take photos of these houses. If you’re here during the peak months, try waking up early when you can feel like you have the entire village all to yourself!

And don’t forget to publish the pictures on social media and tag Giethoorn.com in it

2. Visit the Museums

Really, nobody ever talks about the museums in the village, but there are a few museums here that are worth exploring. For one, the Het Olde Meat Uus is a traditional museum located in a farmhouse that tells the story of the village. Here, you will be able to see what life was like in the village in the 20th century. 

Another museum you can visit is the Museum de Oude Aarde. Even if you’re not a fan of gemstones and minerals, seeing these shiny objects will make the experience worthwhile. 

Finally, the Schelpengalerie Gloria Maris is also another museum that you should visit. Here you will find shells of all sizes, corals, and many more. You will see the beautiful treasures of the ocean here.

more information about the museums you can find here

3. Rent an E-chopper

If you want an experience what you will never forget you defenitely need to rent an elektric scooter. The elektrisch scooter or E-chopper is a scooter what have thick tires and an awesome look and feel.

You can rent a chopper for a half day or full day and with this scooters you can explore the little villages next to Giethoorn. What about Sint-Jansklooster, Blokzijl, Kalenberg and Steenwijk.

rent a elektric scooter in giethoorn

4. Drink & Eat By the Canals

One of the best things you can do in the village is to eat and drink by the canals. The canals in the village are lined with cafes and restaurants with vast terraces where people can spend their time in. This is a great spot to get a bit buzzed and eat delicious Dutch food.

5. Have a Picnic

If you think the only activity you can do in Giethoorn is to go around the village in a boat, then you’re wrong. You can have fun picnics in the village. Also, it’s a great way if you’re looking to save money on meals. You can pack yourself a picnic but there are also boat tours that come with a picnic. Next to a picnic you can also order a High Tea for take away.

6. Go On a Hike

Yes, you can go on a hike in the village. If you want a more adventurous activity, then take the Giethoorn Walking Route that runs 15.3 km. The starting point is at Eendrachtsplein, and from there, all you need to do is follow the green route. You can extend the route by 2.1km if you want to by following the red route. You can find several walking routes in the Giethoorn.com app.

With these ideas, you will see Giethoorn in a different light—and experience the magic of this village even more. Have fun!

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