Is your best friend going to get married soon and do you have the honor (or the bad luck) to arrange the stag party? No worries! We have put together a number of ideas and programs for you to make it an unforgettable bachelor party in Giethoorn.

Sailing, Beer and Burgers

Stag day, men’s outing or girlfriend party in Giethoorn? – the most cool outing in Giethoorn.

After receiving coffee and farmer’s chunk, you’ll blow out for 2 hours during a whisper tour of Giethoorn. You can see the most beautiful spots of Giethoorn from the water and pass through the famous cross moat with its numerous bridges.

On return comes the tough work… Burgers & Beer!where you have the opportunity to put together your own burger. That’s going to be fun!

Watch this fun outing here.

Solex driving in Giethoorn and surroundings

Never driven a Solex? Then a bachelor party in Giethoorn is the ideal time to get acquainted with this wonderful means of typical dutch transport. The Solex is the legendary moped with its distinctive appearance. This classic was especially popular with youth in the Netherlands in the 1960s. In the vicinity of Giethoorn you have beautiful routes that you can drive with the Solex with your friends.

Do you want to ride more than just Solex on your stag day in Giethoorn? You can! You can easily combine different activities in Giethoorn.

solex riding in Giethoorn

Renting a boat

A bachelor party in Giethoorn has not succeeded without a trip through the village by boat. Nice people, good food, drinks, a nice boat, a beautiful setting and of course nice weather. These are the right ingredients for a successful bachelor party in Giethoorn. There are several boats for a bachelor party. How about the Luxury Sloop Beulaker? You can sit in this with up to 10 people. If you are with fewer people, choose the Sloop ‘t Wiede, or boot ‘t Wiede Deluxe boat for 8 people is a great means of transport for your bachelor’s day in Giethoorn.

Renting boat with private skipper

Whatever you can, and then you do it really luxurious: rent a boat with skipper. Then the whole company has its hands off. If you want to organize your bachelor party in Giethoorn this way have a number of options for you.

Playing bubble football

Yeahhhh, also a super fun idea for a stag day: bubble football. The most funny and active outing of the moment! In bubble football it doesn’t matter if you like football or not, everyone just has fun! You’re in a big ball with your upper body, so it’s allowed to be rough. You can ‘bump’ against each other indefinitely in bubble footballs.

Laughing for players and audiences!

You can count on your fingers that this creates hilarious moments. And… in bubble football, not only do the participants have fun. The audience also enjoys the fullest! Ideal as a bachelor activity in Giethoorn. Curious? Check out what to expect from bubble football!


Can your stag day in Giethoorn also contain a nice active element for body and mind? And aren’t you averse to a little competition? Then King of Kickbike is totally awesome to do! In teams you will not only explore the surroundings, but also compete with each other. Along the way, you will have to answer the necessary questions and carry out assignments. Does your team crown king of kickbike?

Challenge for body and mind

King of Kickbike is a combination of a sporting activity, escaperoom-like assignments, beautiful nature with a healthy competitiveness between the teams. The final takes place on the terrace of ‘t Binnenhof. The duration of the arrangement is about 120 to 180 minutes including end game. A very challenging activity, possibly from 4 people.

climbing forest in Giethoorn

Climbing forest package

Are you in Giethoorn with your bachelor’s day? Then this is also a nice tip near-after sailing! Enjoy climbing and scrambling with your friends and barbecuing afterwards. This can be done with the special ‘Into the Forest’ evening program into the Klimbos. You will be received with a drink and little snacks. After this you go the Klimbos and climb for two hours at an altitude of nine meters. After this active adventure, the barbecue is already heated on for you. After all this effort enjoy burgers, bratwursts, spare ribs and other delicacies.

Do you want to know more?

If you want to organize your stag day in Giethoorn or near Giethoorn, we can probably help you make it an unforgettable day. Please enter our contact form or contact us by telephone via 0521 36 0099 to discuss the possibilities.

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