Are you still looking for inspiration for a day away with the kids? Then Giethoorn is the ideal place to stay with your children. In Giethoorn there is a lot to do, not only for the kids but also for you as a parent. So read on and find out what Giethoorn has to offer!

Mini golf, the cosy family game

Who doesn’t know, a relaxing game of miniature golf? In Giethoorn we have a challenging mini golf course with no less than 18 holes. The intention is to complete the course in as little battle as possible. Due to different obstacles, you face a challenge with each course. Hit the ball through a looping, maze or a hole-in-one into the net. The winner will receive a certificate as evidence. Cozy with the family, as an outing with friends or as a children’s party.

mini golf in Giethoorn playing with children

Sailing in Giethoorn with children

When you think of Giethoorn, everyone thinks about boating. Not for nothing is this the highlight for everyone who puts on Giethoorn. When you come back from a day on the water you have completely recovered and relaxed. For children, boating in Giethoorn is also super fun and they will talk about it years later.

Did you know that you can do various games together with your children when you are in a whisper boat in Giethoorn. How about counting the number of bridges. Or count the number of ducklings in the canals. Which is also nice to make a bet with Dad how often he comes across the boat against the side. It’s not more fun than you winning dad’s bet and after sailing he can treat you to a delicious ice cream.

You can rent a boat as early as 2:00 hours. In those two hours you can sail quietly through the canals, through nature and across the lake. When you are with small children, in many cases two hours is more than enough. Are you with older kids it is nice to rent a boat for the whole day. You will then have the opportunity to sail a different route, go for a swim and have a picnic somewhere. If you have children who do not have a swimming certificate, you can ask at the boat rental if you can borrow a life jacket there.

Take your children to a museum in Giethoorn

Besides sailing you can also go with your children to one of the museums in Giethoorn. On the next page you can find more information about the museums that Giethoorn is rich in.

In Museum ‘t Olde Maat Uus you go back in time about a hundred years. Personal stories take you into life as it looked back then. The museum can take you at your own pace and you have the option to dress together with your children in the traditional dress. If you have a museum annual pass then this museum is free to visit.

About the bridges together with your children

Giethoorn has bridges… lots of bridges! And what could be more fun to make your kids run out of all those bridges? Where you are first sailing under the bridges you can now stand with your children on a bridge and wave to other boats with passing families.

explore Giethoorn bridge

Hunt for crooks

Hunting with your kids! In this game of crooks,you and your children will investigate to solve the break-in. There was a break-in at the town hall of Giethoorn. Walking through the village you will look for different locations with clues about the break-in. At each location you must answer or solve an assignment, question, puzzle or riddle. If you do this right, you’ll get information that will help you rule out suspicious crooks. There are 12 suspects. It’s up to you to pinpoint the crook who committed the break-in.


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