Giethoorn, there are the wildest stories about our picturesque village. With this, tourists are sometimes assigned the correct but often incorrect information. In addition to the frequently asked questions, we have also written an article with fun facts.

Frequently asked questions about Giethoorn

To give you a good idea, we have written down the most common questions with corresponding answers.

Can you come to Giethoorn by car?

Of course you can come by car to Giethoorn. On the next page you can describe in detail how to get to Giethoorn.

Is Giethoorn a museum?

No, Giethoorn is not a museum. However, a lot of (foreign) people think so. There are about 2600 people living in Giethoorn.

Where is Giethoorn?

Giethoorn is located in the Kop van Overijssel in the Weerribben-Wieden area. Giethoorn is 10 car minutes from Steenwijk and 30 car minutes from Zwolle. Here you can find out how best to get to Giethoorn.

Can I walk through the garden of a house?

No, it is not allowed to walk through the garden of a house or farm. People live in the houses and farms you see. And tell yourself: would you like to see someone walking through your garden uninvited?

Can I only come to Giethoorn to sail a boat?

Besides boat boating there are still plenty of activities to do in Giethoorn. There are also many


to be found and you can make beautiful
bike rides
or cruise through the area with a

cool E-Chopper

. In short; Giethoorn has something for everyone.

What time does Giethoorn open?

Giethoorn is open 24×7, 365 days a year. It is a picturesque village and not a museum. Of course you are welcome to visit The Netherlands Venice!

Is Giethoorn open today?

Giethoorn is open every day. After all, it is not a museum but simply a village where inhabitants live.

Does Giethoorn have an address?

For those who think Giethoorn is a museum, it’s a cheat. There are real people living in Giethoorn. There is therefore no specific address to which you can set the navigation. If you need an address you can fill in the ‘beulakerweg’ in the navigation. The beulaker road is a road that runs through Giethoorn.

Boat rental Giethoorn / Giethoorn boat rental

In Giethoorn you can rent a boat on the spot at different places. This may work out fine, but it may also be that you are to late and that there is no boat for rent anymore. There are only a certain number of boats available every day which you can rent. Every day many tourists come to Giethoorn. Thanks to our booking system, you can rent all your boat well in advance. This can be done via this link. What is good to know is that you pay the same price with us as if you rent a boat from one of the boat rental companies.

Do you have to pay an entrance fee to enter Giethoorn?

You don’t have to pay an entrance fee to enter Giethoorn. You can park for free almost anywhere and some museums are also free to visit. Do you own a boat? Absolutely fine; you sail your boat on one of the lakes. If you want to undertake an activity there are often costs involved, the same applies if you want to rent a boat or something to eat or drink somewhere.

Can I swim when I rent a boat?

Of course this is allowed! Nothing is better than taking a lovely dip in one of the lakes on a beautiful day. Because you can stand in most places in the lake it is very relaxing and safe. So don’t forget to bring your bikini or swimsuit when you visit our picturesque village. Ow yes: because it is so shallow in most places, diving from the boat is not always an enjoyable experience 😉

Can I hang on the boat when I am in the water?

It is not forbidden to hang on the boat while going full speed ahead, but we doubt whether it is smart. We understand that it is super fun and cool to do this, but realize that there is a propeller behind the boat. When it is off there is nothing wrong, but when you are sailing it rotates. It seems pretty painful to us when you come in here with your foot.

What do I need when I go swimming in Giethoorn?

First, of course, your swimsuit or bikini. On a beautiful day, sunscreen, sunglasses, a cloth or umbrella are also wise to take with you. It is also advisable to wear swimming shoes when you go swimming in Giethoorn. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that somebody throws something overboard instead of throwing it in the trash (glass, rubbish or something else). It would be a huge downer if you ended up in the emergency room after a nice day in Giethoorn with a cut in your foot.

And ow yes; Don’t forget your good mood either. After all, you are out for a day and you can enjoy it!

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