Do you want to swim in Giethoorn? That’s possible. This answer will not surprise you, because their is plenty of swim water in Giethoorn. In case you didn’t know it: the village has no beach and there is no swimming pool. You swim in Giethoorn in natural water!

Four lakes for swimming

You can swim in Giethoorn in the het Bovenwijde (het Wiede) and in the Beulakerwijde (the Beulaker), the Molengat and just outside Giethoorn, in Wanneperveen, in the Belterwijde (the Belter). If you have rented a boat, you can go overboard for a swim at random. Good to know is that you can stand almost anywhere in the “het Bovenwijde (het Wiede)” This does not apply to the other lakes.

Swimming in het Bovenwijde

If you want to swim in het Bovenwijde, you can only reach this by boat. In the middle of the lake is a swimming island with jetties and a demarcated section with (even) shallower water. Super fun location to picnic and bathe or splash in the water. However, we advise you to put on water shoes with swimming in case there is something sharp in the water.

On a bike to the Beulakerwijde

Along the Beulaker is a path what you can use by bike. Along this, some surf-level points/swimming beaches have been built. Combine your bike ride with a stop along this beautiful, large lake. Across the street are tiny villages like Ronduite, Sint-Jansklooster and Vollenhove. Eat a sandwich with your face in the sun, relax for 15 minutes or cool off with a splash in the water. Then you can cycle back towards Giethoorn, or just cycle through and visit the beautiful Dwarsgracht. If you are by boat, you can also find a place on the lake.

swimming in Giethoorn

Het Molengat

This is a smaller lake and you can only reach this by boat for swimming. There is a road along, but along the road the sidepaths are too narrow for recreation. If you sail here by boat, you can always go overboard.

Swim ‘beach’ at the Belterwijde

At the Belter there is a recreational field of simming water. Part with shallower water is marked with buoys. Ideal for swimming with younger children. This recreation field can be reached by bike and by car from Giethoorn. And you can get there by boat, too. On the other side of the field is the water ski club. Always spectacular to watch and maybe it’s an idea to take a lesson…

Rent a boat and then swim in Giethoorn? Choose from the available boats

If you want to swim (indoor) in a swimming pool when you are in Giethoorn, you can swerve to open-air swimming pool Tolhekke in Paaslo, De Waterwyck in Steenwijk or Bad Hesselingen in Meppel.

Good to know

  • It is advisable to wear swimming shoes when swimming in Giethoorn. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that somebody throws something overboard instead of throwing it in the trash (glass, rubbish or something else). It would be a huge downer when, after a nice day in Giethoorn, you end up in the emergency room with a cut in your foot.
  • It is not advisable to hang at the back of the boat. It is of course super tough and fun to do this when the boat is going full power ahead. But what people often don’t realize is that there’s a screw spinning right under you. It seems pretty painful to us when you come in here with your foot.
  • Can you swim when you rent a boat? Of course this is allowed! Nothing is better than taking a lovely dip in one of the lakes on a beautiful day. Because you can stand in most places in the lake it is very relaxing and safe. So don’t forget to bring your bikini or swimsuit when you visit our picturesque village.
  • If you want to shine at one of the lakes in Giethoorn this summer you definitely have a look at these swimwear brands article

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