The many bridges, canals and punts. That’s what makes Giethoorn so unique. Are you a visitor or a tourist? In Giethoorn there is plenty to see and to do for everyone.

Besides a tourist attraction, Giethoorn is also a place where people live. Giethoorn has about 2600 inhabitants who – like you – enjoy this part of the Netherlands. Of course we want to keep it fun for everyone. And that is possible. As long as we take each other into account.

To get in the holiday mood, we have an article dedicated to fun facts and manners.

Did you know that….

Giethoorn is not a museum village?

The houses and gardens are privately owned by residents. They also value their privacy and do not necessarily need to be in the picture.

That picnicking is possible in many places?

But rather not in the garden and on the garden furniture of residents.

There are enough garbage bins in Giethoorn?

Therefore, do not throw waste on the street, in the moat or in the mailbox of residents. Little effort, right?

The rental boats aren’t bumper cars?

We’d rather try them out at the theme park.

Boating is an art in itself?

If we all keep to the right, we’ll avoid a lot of collisions.

A roll case is not silent?

Are you approaching a bridge, Then, in the evening, lift up your rolling suitcase.

You’re welcome?

We wish you a nice stay in our beautiful Giethoorn!

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