The small city of Giethoorn is just like any other normal with only exception; they don’t have any roads. The people get to their destinations either by walking or just take a boat. Since there are no cars or roads, many tourists come to Geithoorn come by walking over the bridge or use the boat. If tourists do have cars they are left behind outside the village.

There 2400 people and around 1100 houses. There around 500-600 boats in with 167 bridges in Geithoorn.  The residents live around the waterways and do their daily activites all through boats which is why this little town is known as the “Venice of the Netherlands. let’s go explore some awesome things what you can do in Giethoorn 

Go around Giethoorn in a boat

Tourists can also rent their boat and go around the beautiful town of Geithoorn. There are three types of boat that you rent. You can rent either an electrical whisperboat which you can drive by yourself. You can also go canoeing on a paddle boat. If you’re looking for something a bit different; you can do it the old fashion way by driving a boat without a motor and pushing the boat with a punter.

whisper boat hire in cast horn boat rental Giethoorn

Discover fossils and minerals De Oude Aarde 

Is  is opened by the museum founder René Boissevain who is a modern day explorer and has collected different types of materails from all travels.

Get around Geithoorn either on foot or on a bike

The best part about the town is going around on foot or take a bike. We highly recommend taking a bike since you get to explore the area faster. The trail is marked with white and green signs, so you really will not get lost.

olde aarde

Experience the local life through Museum Giethoorn ‘t Olde Maat Uus 

Tourists will get to explore Giethoon history through peat-cutting, agriculture and fishing. They will also experience the farmhouse, boat house and fisherman house so they will discover the local domestic life in the past.

Dine-in the Canal Restaurants

 Visitors have the option to pack a picnic but it would be a great idea to have lunch at one of the Canal restaurants in Giethoorn. However, you need to book in advance to get that Dutch feel at the canal. There are plenty of options whether you’re on a budget or not. You can get a delicate meal Dutch cuisine with either going to  (Geythorn, Witte Hoeve, De Sloothaak, and De Landije. If you’re a seafood lover then the Vishandel Gerrits and De Boer is right up your alley. If you’re craving for  Italian then the Ristorante Fratelli  and La Piccola Venezia is the perfect spot. After all, Gietheoorn is the Venice of the Netherlands. 


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