Valentine’s Day 2020 falls on a Friday. That’s perfect for a romantic weekend away of course! Maybe you already had some ideas for Valentine’s Day, but a weekend of Giethoorn for 2 people is an absolute must and therefore definitely worth considering. It’s a really perfect Valentine’s gift! Surprise you lovebird with a romantic weekend and opt for the beautiful Giethoorn to celebrate the romance. If you can’t leave all weekend around Valentine’s Day, then a day of Giethoorn for 2 people is also a great option!

valentine in giethoorn enjoy our village

Heated canal cruise

In the spring and summer Giethoorn is the perfect place to rent a boat and explore the village via the water. Unfortunately, the month of February is not the ideal time to sail in Giethoorn itself. However, you can take a tour of the village in a heated tour boat. Nice, cosy though, with the two of you next to each other on a bench in the boat. For Valentine’s Day, check out one of the tour packages you can book in Giethoorn.

Romantic overnight in Giethoorn

With Valentine’s Day, a romantic night is a must. There is a choice of various possibilities to stay overnight in Giethoorn. See if there’s anything available on Valentine’s Day that meets your needs. Maybe a cosy B&B or a nice hotel room. You can book it right away!

Valentine’s Day deals

Usually hotels and restaurants also have nice promotions for Valentine’s Day. Inquire about this when you book a hotel room or restaurant on February 14th. And maybe you can consult with the hotel or the owner of the B&B. That they provide a special welcome at reception or in the room … A romantic surprise on Valentine’s Day, that’s probably appreciated your travel companion.

Valentine’s Weekend in Giethoorn

If you’re an entire weekend in Giethoorn around Valentine’s Day, you have all the time to get to know the village in detail. Relax and enjoy fun and goodies and of course! What a super idea is for Friday, Valentine’s Day itself, is a heated cruise… How much fun is that?! And you can also combine this cruise with a High Tea

Saturday, for example, you can take a lovely walk or a nice bike ride or book an active package … If you want to take a day out on sunday, you can stay extra long in bed. Then a good breakfast and then visit one of the museums and buy some souvenirs in one of the nice shops in Giethoorn.

Shopping in Steenwijk, Meppel or Zwolle

Can’t you have a weekend without shopping or do you need anything else? Then you can also take a trip to the cities near Giethoorn. Steenwijk (8 kilometers), Meppel (10 kilometers) and provincial capital Zwolle (30 kilometers) are a good distance from Giethoorn. Meppel and Steenwijk are easily accessible by bike. So you can also combine shopping with a nice bike ride. And maybe you’ll also find a beautiful Valentine’s gift!

shopping in Giethoorn

Nature environment Giethoorn

If you want to see a little more of the natural environment of Giethoorn, there are a lot of options. From a walk or bike ride in the beautiful surroundings, your heart will automatically beat faster. That also fits perfectly with Valentine’s Day. Giethoorn is located in ‘the wieden area’ of Weerribben-Wieden National Park. If you want to visit the Weerribben, we advise you to trip to the villages in the Weerribben, for example Kalenberg or Ossenzijl. Do you want to see other nature parks in the Netherlands. Lucy of farawaylucy have written a very nice article about that. Go read it for yourself.

forests in or near Giethoorn

Forest and heath

From Giethoorn you will also be in the forest within half an hour. The beautiful forest de Woldberg and estate De Eese are two beautiful examples. And a little further, in Drenthe lies the beautiful forest holtingerveld. Their beds and moors near The Drentse Havelte are also highly recommended. Maybe you’ll run into the shepherd with his sheep herd …

Eating out in Giethoorn

After an afternoon or morning outdoors, a lunch or dinner for two, once back in Giethoorn will taste extra tasty. If you want to be sure of a good table at a restaurant you’ve seen, you can book it in advance.

If you are looking for other romantic holiday ideas in other countries then the Netherlands you need for sure look at the blog of Laura Pearson-Smith.

We wish you a romantic stay in Giethoorn and surroundings.

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