Sleeping in Giethoorn can be done at a lot of accommodations. What is suitable for you depends, among other things, on how long you stay in the village and how much comfort you want. Also, of course, when you want to book, with how many people you come and what your budget is. And the season in Giethoorn … not insignificant either. In winter you don’t want to sit in a tent on the campsite and in summer can the air conditioning be the most important condition you have. And what are you going to do in Giethoorn? For example, do you want to have a bike or a boat?

Holiday homes in Giethoorn

Do you want to spend the night in Giethoorn, because you want to spend a night there for a weekend or a week or more? The following types of (group) accommodations in Giethoorn can be booked.

  • Hotel

  • Holiday-home

  • Bed and breakfast

  • Camping

  • Camper pitches

  • Holiday park

  • Apartment

On our site you will find numerous accommodations to orient yourself. In most cases, you can make direct contact with the accommodation of your choice and/or book directly.

Overnight in Giethoorn

You can spend the night in Giethoorn as long and as comfortable and extended as you want. You can also book a holiday home in Giethoorn directlyvia our website. We’ll walk through all the possibilities with you here. Then all you have to do is choose and book. From there you can start counting down until you holiday in Giethoorn! Some accommodations include a boat. If this is not the case, you can always reserveaboat.

Hotel overnight for 2 people in Giethoorn

Booking a hotel is practical if you want to spend the night in Giethoorn with the two of you. A hotel is the perfect base if you plan to be mostly outdoors. A good bed, a shower and possibly breakfast, lunch and dinner are arranged for you. You don’t have to cook yourself and have no household chores. If you book a hotel in Giethoorn, you will also have a real holiday! Our beautiful village has some beautifully located hotels with excellent service.

Rent a holiday home in Giethoorn

The advantage of a holiday home in Giethoorn is that you have the time to yourself. “A home away from home….” With a group of friends or your family together in a holiday home or apartment in Giethoorn and enjoy a completely new environment. It always has something special. A great place to start and close together and go ahead each. The holiday homes in Giethoorn are always in a beautiful setting. Extra special it is if you choose a holiday home directly by the water.

Cheap overnight in Giethoorn

Bed and breakfast

A bed and breakfast is literally translated naturally into a sleeping place and a breakfast. Most bed and breakfasts offer a bit more luxury these days. This also applies to the bed and breakfasts in Giethoorn. Sometimes it’s a space for people in the house, with shared amenities. It can also be part of a farmhouse, such as part or an upper floor with its own amenities. Often you also have a (modest) own accommodation near the owner’s house. Then it is actually more of a small holiday home in Giethoorn. A bed and breakfast is often very affordable and depending on the amenities also perfectly suited for a longer stay.


If you want to stay cheaply in Giethoorn, opt for camping on one of the many campsites in Giethoorn. There are many beautiful campsites in Giethoorn and surrounding-area. A number of campsites are located in quiet and natural places around the village. Other in the middle of the village, while you are still sitting in a spot on or near the water. Priceless, right? Figuratively, literally not. Staying overnight at a campsite in Giethoorn is a cheap way to overnight and holidaying. If the weatheris still good, you’re completely chiseled!

Our camping tips: If you are looking for some camping gear then you definitely have to check out the website of Walk Beside Me. Allthrough the article is about wild camping; what isn’t allowed at a lot of places in The Netherlands they have a couple of great tips what also can help when you stay at one of the camper pitches or camp sides in or around Giethoorn. Another tip is that you maybe need an eletric Kettle for your coffee or tea or any other hot drink. A kettle can also be used to warm up food for baby’s or mild or instant meals.

If you are coming to Giethoorn with a campervan it is good to know which essentials you need. These guys have a complete list of campervan essentials so check it out.

Camper pitches

Also with the camper Giethoorn has a couple of options where you can stay. How practical is that?! And it’s a way of cheap overnight stays in Giethoorn once you have the camper once (rented). You can use your camper van to visit some campsites, but also on a camper site on the harbour. Many farms around the village also have a camper place in Giethoorn. Of course with all the necessary facilities. The fact is that you can’t get to the village centre with your camper van. In the centre of Giethoorn you can only sail, walk and cycle.

If you are a Digital Nomad like these guys you can easily stay at one of the camper pitches what you can find in Giethoorn and surrounding. Are you new to motorhoming? Maybe this article can give you more insights of motorhoming in the Nethelands. Are you with kids you can find here a couple of options for travel bag for kids.

Group accommodation

Even if you want to book a group accommodation in Giethoorn, there is plenty of choice. There are accommodations (often in farms, but also on or on the water) for small and larger groups, up to 40 people. If you want to go to Giethoorn with a group, for example with a school trip or your family, you can of course also choose to rent a number of holiday homes in Giethoorn that are together – for example, at a holiday park.

Holiday park Giethoorn

At a holiday park you can choose from different holiday homes of different sizes at a place of your choice. If you are at least on time, because holiday homes on the most beautiful places are of course the fastest rented out! A holiday home in Giethoorn by boat and on the water … That’s totally fantastic?! Then you experience Giethoorn really to the maximum. If you didn’t manage to book a holiday home by boat, you can always reserve a boat.

Are you looking for what to do in Giethoorn?

Do you want to do something nice during your holiday or stay in Giethoorn? Take a look at the fantastic packages in Giethoorn that we selected for you. Or opt for any of these activities. Booking is very easily. Also on the agenda you will find what you can do in Giethoorn.

Enjoy your stay in Giethoorn!

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