Giethoorn is gaining traction as a major tourist destination in the Netherlands and the whole of Europe. 

As a tourism hot spot, Giethoorn offers pristine nature, well-preserved history, and quiet and peaceful space, while serving as an actual residential area at the same time. Europe has taken notice, and people are making their way to this quaint village in this part of the Netherlands.

Getting to Giethoorn via Amsterdam from major European cities is rather very convenient. Brussels, Paris, Dusseldorf, and Berlin are just a few hours by train to Amsterdam. By plane, major airlines regularly make their way to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, which is the gateway to beautiful Giethoorn.

It is good to rent a boat in advance when you come to Giethoorn.

How to Get to Giethoorn from Europe

Flying to Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport is the fifth largest passenger airport in Europe and one of the busiest. It maintains a heavy schedule of European cities.

Ninety airlines fly to and from Schiphol and have offices at the airport or in the city. Schipol is located about 20 kilometres from the city centre or half an hour by train, taxi or hotel shuttle.

Travelling by train to Amsterdam Central

Amsterdam’s Central Station also regularly receives several arrivals from all over Europe. When travelling by train, tourists arrive straight from their home city to the heart of the Netherlands, avoiding pricy airport transfers and travel time.

By train, people are arriving from all over Europe, including the bustling cities, clear rivers and snowy mountains of Austria; Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium; Prague and Český Krumlov in Czech Republic; a day’s travel from Copenhagen or the Danish coast in Denmark; all the way from London on board with Eurostar; or sunny Italy on the night train from Munich; beautiful and scenic Luxembourg; the authentic mountain villages, bustling towns, impressive glaciers and refreshing lakes of Switzerland; or the mountains and forests of Slovakia.

by train to Giethoorn

Amsterdam to Giethoorn

From Amsterdam to Giethoorn, the entire trip could take more than two hours. The first train going to the province of Overijssel leaves Amsterdam Central Station at 6:00 AM.

No direct trains are going to Giethoorn from the capital. Travellers take a direct train to Steenwijk or one with a connecting train via Zwolle. The ride is a scenic 90-minute journey.

In Steenwijk, go to the nearby bus station and take Bus no. 70 for a 30-minute ride to the Dominee Hylkemaweg stop. Get down at the Giethoorn village bus stop. From there, the final destination, Giethoorn, is just 10 minutes away by foot.

From Amsterdam Central, another train option is going to Meppel, and on to Wolvega and Steenwijk. All of these destinations are just a few miles from Giethoorn itself. On average, the trip from Amsterdam to Giethoorn costs about EUR34.

There are discounts and special offers when booking trips early or online, perhaps a few months before the planned departure date. The cheapest trains are those going to Meppel one-way at 8:35 AM, 9:45 AM and 10:38 AM. Booking a ticket in advance is a good way to avoid rush hour.

There are no direct public busses from Amsterdam to Giethoorn.

When to come

Like many European countries, the Netherlands has a bustling tourism industry, and Giethoorn is one of its top draws. Holland is a magnet for European visitors for its charming look, rich history, and unique activities.

The Netherlands and most of northern Europe is known to be wet, grey, and a bit chilly eight months out of the year. When coming over, always come prepared with layers and a light rain jacket.


Spring is tulip season, and everyone knows tulip is the representative flower of Holland. Spring (mid-March to early May) marks the beginning of tourist season. April is an ideal time, especially when visiting De Weerribben-Wieden National Park, near Giethoorn.


Summer is perfect for long bicycle rides in Giethoorn and to nearby cities and nature reserves. In the Netherlands, the weather during the summer is a mixed bag. Short spurts of heavy rain mix with heat, humidity and sunshine.


Fall is off-season, so this could mean travelling to Amsterdam and Giethoorn is easier on the pocket. From late September to late October, the days are shorter, autumn leaves drift silently, and streets become peaceful, and even the canals calm down. Visiting Giethoorn’s museums, cafés, and restaurants isn’t as crowded.


Giethoorn puts on a whole new type of beauty and enchantment in winter, when the farmhouses, trees, and bridges are covered with glistening snow. The lakes and canals turn into ice skating rinks.

Also, airfares are at their absolute lowest in November and February, because the weather is dismal and dreary. These are the cheapest months to fly to Amsterdam.

Giethoorn is one of the unique tourist destinations in Europe. There is plenty to see for everyone – the canals for lovers, the museums for students, the boat rides for children and the peace for everyone.

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