There is so much history between the Netherlands and Germany. These neighbouring countries share similar cultures and living ideals in many ways. According to our government, our relationship with Germany at present is “excellent”, and that we enjoy close political, economic, social, cultural, administrative and personal ties. To this day, Germany is our main trading partner, both in import and export. Germany maintains an embassy in the Hague and consulate offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Travellers, backpackers, and holidaymakers from Germany (and the rest of Europe) have heard of the lovely and quaint village of Giethoorn in the Dutch province of Overijssel. People are intrigued about this Instagrammable and bucket-list-worthy destination in the Netherlands and long to come here.

Düsseldorf to Amsterdam

Getting to Giethoorn from Düsseldorf is just a short but picturesque drive if you are an experienced driver. Along the way, you can visit Assen and pass through the capital city of Amsterdam for additional sightseeing and tourism.

Before reaching Amsterdam, you might want to stop at the 19th-century Villa Hugel, which is now a museum, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverin Coal Mine in Essen, or Nijmegen, the oldest city in Holland. Such places should make your trip more fun, exciting, and educational. You could take a hot sip or grab a cold one at their local cafés or shops.

“Germany is 350 km away from Giethoorn, but the road distance is 602.7 km.”

from dusseldorf germany to giethoorn

These days, with modern AI and GPS technology, it won’t be difficult to find your way across these destinations. But if driving is not for you, the fastest and most comfortable way to get to the beautiful village of Giethoorn is still by plane and train.

There are several airline companies offering flights from Düsseldorf to Amsterdam, but only KLM has a non-stop option that flies for an hour. Tickets range from EUR200 to EUR300.  Lufthansa has connecting flights and would take 3 hours. Flying to Düsseldorf from all major cities in Germany is not a problem either.

Explore Giethoorn via E-Chopper, Kickbike or Electric Bike.

from amsterdam to giethoorn

Amsterdam to Giethoorn

From Amsterdam, getting to Giethoorn is easy and convenient. Here are your options.

On a car rental

From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, there are several car rental companies that can take you to Giethoorn on a private door-to-door car transfer. Giethoorn is 120 km away and getting a private car with a driver could cost around EUR 20-40 per person, depending on how many people are with you. Some car rentals will let you do some sightseeing and take selfies and Instagram shots at Clara Maria Cheese & Clog Farm, De Haar Castle, Utrecht, and other tourist landmarks along the way.

By train and bus

The most common way to go is by train. Commuting will allow you to save some euros and get to see how the local folks travel and soak in the raw beauty of the Netherlands.

NS operates all trains and the first train leaves Amsterdam Centraal at around 6:00 AM. You should know; however, there are no direct trains going to Giethoorn from the capital. From Amsterdam Zuid/Centraal station, take a direct train to Steenwijk or a connecting train via Zwolle. Hop in, and enjoy a scenic 90-minute journey.

dutch railways ns train amsterdam to giethoorn

Once you get off in Steenwijk, go to the nearby bus station and take bus no. 70 for a 30-minute ride to the Dominee Hylkemaweg stop. Get down at the Giethoorn village bus stop. From there, the enchanting medieval village is just a 10-minute walk away. Sounds fairly easy, but the entire trip could take more than 2 hours.

From Amsterdam Centraal, another train option is one going to Meppel, and on to Wolvega and Steenwijk. All of these destinations are just a few miles from Giethoorn itself. On average, expect to spend about EUR34 when travelling by train from Amsterdam to Giethoorn.

You might get some discounts and special offers if you book your trips early or online, perhaps a few months before the planned departure date. The cheapest trains are those going to Meppel one-way at 8:35 AM, 9:45 AM and 10:38 AM. Booking a ticket in advance also allows you to avoid traveling at rush hour.

There are no direct public busses from Amsterdam to Giethoorn.

A friendly warning when you reach the Steenwijk train station, if you get offered a boat + bus ticket for EUR15, don’t bite. One-way bus ticket is only EUR4, and you can pay directly to the driver. You can easily rent a boat when you get to Giethoorn.


Finally, you can always drive yourself or with a friend all the way to Giethoorn. It should not take you more than 2 hours to get there. Leave early to avoid traffic.

Keep in mind, however, you can’t drive yourself into the village, as Giethoorn is known for being car-free, peaceful, and pollution-free. There is a specified parking area for your car just outside the village.

Getting to Giethoorn from Germany isn’t a challenge! Use these tips to help you find the best transportation option for you to get to the Venice of the North.

Insider tip: In the summer it can be hard to make a boat reservation. Therefore it is better to make a reservation in advance.

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