Real bliss is sitting in one of de cafés in Giethoorn, sipping your favourite brew with friends, and watching the sunset across the blue lakes of Giethoorn. Free from cars, smoke, and pollution, Giethoorn in the Netherlands could very well be one of the cosiest places in the whole of Europe, if not the world. To wind down in this enchanting medieval village, here are some cafés to check out.

Grand Café Fanfare

This lovely café with a terrace is found at the heart of this idyllic village, right next to the beautiful farms, canals, bridges, and cottages. Known for its movie fanfare, Grand Café Fanfare is famous for its homemade fries with Rendang or Spicy Kimchi, for a twist of Asian fusion. The cappuccino is perfect with freshly baked farmhouse bread with croquettes and ice cream.  

There are plenty to try out and enjoy here, including their bread and liquid specialities, salads, appetizers, tapas, truffle fries with Parmesan cheese, the Chef’s Menu, and the hummus of cilantro, lime and tomato salsa and nut crunch.

There are also several offerings from their cocktail board, including a wine shelf, beer shelf, and Amsterdam Jenever shelf.

restaurant grand cafe fanfare te Giethoorn

Het wapen van Giethoorn

The Coat of Arms of Giethoorn or Het Wapen van Giethoorn is a café and a shop where you can buy the loveliest souvenirs and get the latest fashion in tops, pants, dresses, shirts, shoes and bags. 

People love coming here to drink, dine, and shop. A satisfied guest said the place is a “Great little cafe and shop! Such friendly staff and the food and drinks were simple but amazing at the same time. Prices weren’t crazy and are very reasonable. Behind one of the canals so it’s a good break from the crowds and it’s a lot quieter. Highly recommend trying this place. Would definitely come back.”

Café-Restaurant Smit

A quick meal at Smit Giethoorn or Café-Restaurant Smit could make your stay in Giethoorn more memorable than it already is. This café-restaurant also has cottages if you wish to stay longer and savour all that they have to offer.

The holiday farm can accommodate 8 people, offering spacious double bedrooms, a kitchen TV, two shower cabins, two toilets, a spacious terrace with a large lawn, and a gazebo in the garden behind the house. The accommodation is located in the heart of Giethoorn on the village canal, which makes it perfect.

Guests love the meals, especially their pulled chicken with coleslaw, smoked salmon with cream cheese, Giethoorn’s chicken salad with feta cheese, bacon, nuts, cherry tomatoes and grapes with yoghurt dressing, carpaccio salad with pine nuts, sundried tomatoes, old cheese and truffle mayonnaise, pork schnitzel with mushroom cream sauce, and Indonesian chicken satay, to name a few.

Their drink selection also does not disappoint.


This lovely café boasts delicious pastry with fresh vegetables from their own garden. They are made daily with pride, passion and freshness by the hostess.

The most popular meals here include Gieters lamb, Vechtdal beef or locally caught fish, and skin-baked pike-perch fillet with fresh wild garlic mousse caught on the Beulake. Enjoy dining on the garden terrace that provides a lovely shade under an old pear tree.

Landije is also kind enough to offer whisper boats for rent, so you could sail through the old village waters and get the most of Giethoorn.

As additional attractions, Landije is not far from the Olde Maat Uus museum and De Oude Aarde museum, two tourism hot spots in Giethoorn.

To have a better idea of this humble café, a visitor simply describes it as “A peaceful café and restaurant in the most beautiful village on planet earth. Reasonable prices and kind staff.”

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