High tea, anyone?

It is no secret that the British love their tea, but this can’t be more true in the Netherlands and amongst the Dutch. High tea bridges the gap between lunch and dinner, and this popular custom persists as a necessary “me” time for anyone who’s had a tough and busy day. High tea is indulgent and, for many, a reason to dress up and head on over to a lovely tea room, hotel, or restaurant with friends, family, or workmates.

Take a break from touring around Giethoorn and check out the best places to enjoy extensive high tea.

Giethoorn, also known as “Venice of the Netherlands”, is an idyllic village located in the Weerribben-Wieden National Park. It is famous for its countless thatched farmhouses, more than 170 wooden bridges, beautiful forests, canals, lakes and boat rides. Giethoorn is one of the most peaceful, romantic, and relaxing places in Holland.

Below are three of the best places to have high tea in Giethoorn.

high tea party in giethoorn

Restaurant de Rietstulp

Restaurant ‘de Rietstup’ offers a unique high tea arrangement with a cruise for two to 10 people. The high tea arrangement involves special time with friends, family or colleagues. It will begin with a hot drink and speculaas before embarking on a lovely one- or two-hour cruise to discover the true beauty of Giethoorn. Then, you and your group will return to the restaurant for your delicious high tea.

High tea here includes English blends, muffins, scones, sweet and savoury sandwiches, toasts with cheddar, cake, quiches, tartelettes, or luxury biscuits.

Restaurant de Rietstulp is an attractive restaurant that is located near the centre of Giethoorn. It is known for serving a variety of reasonably priced culinary options and hospitable service.

Other than the extensive high tea, guests come here for lunch, á la carte dinner, buffet or barbecue, and brunch. Their high beer is also popular, as well as private dining and cooking workshops.

Explore Giethoorn via E-Chopper, Kickbike or Electric Bike.

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Grand café Fanfare

Located in the heart of Giethoorn, this is a lovely café not far from the canals, cottages, museums, farms, and bridges. A high tea experience here is perfect with bread and scones, but the place is also known for its salads, appetizers, tapas, truffle fries, and so on. Aside from tea, there are plenty of drinks to choose from – wine, beer, and other spirits.

The café boasts of serving five different beers, including Netherlands’ Geyt beer and a selection of Dutch beers.

Meanwhile, Grand Café Fanfare also provides rental boats to make sure its guests truly enjoy their visit to Giethoorn. They can choose from different types of water rides, including on a whisper boat, Pettersloop Giethoorn, and a Deluxe Boat.

The ambiance is perfect for a lovely tea time. Guests love this place and said, “We came here for tea break, good English kind of setting, friendly staff and reasonably good food,” and “Very tasty and quality food, nice friendly staff, with a quiet non-tourist (as it possible in that place) atmosphere.”


Landije is “a peaceful café and restaurant in the most beautiful village on planet earth,” according to a satisfied guest. This lovely café is not far from the Olde Maat Uus museum and De Oude Aarde museum, two tourism hot spots in this historic village.

To experience wonderful tea time in Giethoorn, Landije serves delicious pastry with fresh vegetables from their garden. It is popular for its Gieters lamb, Vechtdal beef, and skin-baked pike-perch fillet. High tea is best enjoyed on the garden terrace with a gentle shade under an old pear tree.

Like Grand Café Fanfare, Landije also arranges boat rides and boat rentals for its guests.

Start your high tea experience in Giethoorn today. These places will surely ensure you get the best experience paired with delicious teas and meals!


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