Sailing in Giethoorn

If you want to sail in Giethoorn you are really going to love this! The village is located among several large lakes where you relax on a sailboat. Sailing crossing the Bovenwiede of Giethoorn is one of the most laid-back ways to explore this fantastic nature reserve. You let the wind do its job, while in the sailboat you can easily view the surroundings of Giethoorn.

sailing in Giethoorn

Gently sliding across the water

There is a childs rhyme ‘How softly slips our boat, there on the spieg’lend anymore’ … That song can just be about sailing in Giethoorn. The childs rhyme is about half a century old and in the same period the tourists started to discover Giethoorn, also called Hollands Venice.

Hire a sailboat in Giethoorn

If you’re sailing in Giethoorn, you don’t do it in any sailboat. Of course, you’re doing that in a “dutch punter”. This is a real Gieter’s vessel and was widely used in the history of Giethoorn. The dutch punter is suitable for beginners as well as for the more experienced sailors.

Explore nature reserve Weerribben – Wieden

You can rent the dutch punter for one or more days. This allows you to sail a beautiful time in Giethoorn and you have plenty of opportunity to discover the surrounding nature reserve Weerribben Wieden independently. If you rent a sailboat in Giethoorn you will get a sailing card that includes all the shipping routes.

Discover the most beautiful places

Ask the boat landlord about the numerous ‘secret’ and special places that Giethoorn is rich. That’s how you get to places you’ll never discover yourself. Don’t forget to bring a well-stocked picnic basket if you’re sailing in Giethoorn. Then you can find a nice spot between the reed lands along the way and enjoy a nice lunch there. Then float around relaxed and then continue to sail again. How nice is that?

Sailing in Giethoorn with your own boat

If you have a sailboat yourself and want to sail in Giethoorn and surrounding areas, of course you can. There are several boat slopes in the area from where you can sail the various beautiful nature reserves. With the wind in the sails and flapping hair and with a bit of luck the sun on your sphere … On the water enjoy beautiful natural beauty; Who are you doing what?!

Punting in the village canal

It is good to know that you cannot sail in the canals in Giethoorn. However, you can punt(next to sailing with a whisper boat) in the village canal. This has traditionally been the way to move on to Giethoorn by boat. Punting you do with a punt tree, pushing the Gieterse punt through the water. If you sail through the village canal of Giethoorn, you will visit the Rhoda pottery and the precious museum ‘The Old Earth’. Definitely worth putting the boat on and visiting these museums in Giethoorn.

Are you not a fan of sailing, but would you like to go up the water in Giethoorn? Rent one of the other rental boats in Giethoorn.

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